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Phoney Language
In conjunction with the exhibition All that Remains… The Teenagers of Socialism

no.w.here, London
March 13 7pm £2
Tickets: £2
(Seats allocated on a first come first serve basis)

This film programme presents a broad selection of short films that focus on the meaning of language beyond its verbal articulation. Six international filmmakers explore the way in which language relates us to the world: language is a means of communication, a matrix of behavioural codes and cultural values, an extention of the body and integral to our identity. But what happens to language when it is displaced? Migration can result in the mutation, or mutilation and even muteness of language. Displacement - geographical, social, or gender-related - creates phoney languages, counterfeit codes that negotiate the gap between the familiar and the foreign. Phoney Language also refers to the central role the telephone (the ‘far sound’) plays in some of the films.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Stefan Constantinescu, Nana O Ayim, Zuzanna Janin, Florian Wüst and Maxa Zoller.

Phoney Languagehas been organized by Florian Wüst and Maxa Zoller in conjunction with the exhibition All that Remains… The Teenagers of Socialism at Waterside Project Space (13 March - 11 April 2010
, Private view: Friday 12 March 2010, 6.30-10pm)

Film programme
Algier Report, Bernhard Dörries, BRD 1963, 15'
Troleibuzul 92, Stefan Constantinescu, SE 2009, 8'
A Shred of Identity, Nana Oforiatta-yaim, Ghanaian, 2009, 4'30''
Majka from the Movie: Episode ‘Before or After,’ Zuzanna Janin, PL 2009, 13'
Love, Jealousy and Revenge, Michael Brynntrup, D 1991, 7'
One Day, Ditte Haarløv Johnsen, DK 2007, 30'


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