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Unconscious archives #2
Film performances

Yesterday' permutation poem, Hugh Metcalfe 2011

13th September, Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Rd, London, E2 9EG
£4 donation, bring your own alcohol, 8pm onwards
£4 donation, bring your own alcohol, 8pm onwards

Hangjun Lee presents:
Film Walk, 16mm, 4 projector performance, 2011,
(15 minutes with optical sound) and The Projectors, a 16mm performance with 3 audiences, 2011, 30 minutes, with optical sound (Ongoing project).

The Projectors -

16mm optical sound based on the non-sync beep-sound used to synchronize image and sound. Throughout the history of cinema, we see the countdown leader and hear the beep sound just before the start of the first image of a long film. In this performance, we hear sound and emotional residues from narrative cinema such as humans laughing, clapping, and cheering. The projectors act as the protagonists in this performance, facing the audience.

Film Walk -

'If a film strip and projector are parts of the same machine, then 'a film' may be defined operationally as 'whatever will pass through a projector.' The least thing that will do that is nothing at all. Such a film has been made. It is the only unique film in existence'.(Hollis Frampton)

Film perforations are the holes placed in the film stock during manufacture and are used for transporting and steadying the film. Film perforations identify the material as a film strip. I load the film reel, and the projector's optical sound head reads the perforation as a sound and I draw the film strip while I'm walking. People can see me walk, people can hear me walk, People can experience the film strip's movement. This project keep expanding using handmade perforations, escaping from the film company's material and returning back to the basic questions of the relationship between film material and projector.

We are delighted to announce that Hangjun Lee is currently in residence at no.w.here during September 2011 to make a new 16mm piece ‘Matting Cinema'. With thanks to Arts Council Korea

Gillian (Christo Wallers, UK, 2011, 4:50m, 16mm, colour, separate sound on CD)
Made during a residency at the Northern Film Archive (NRFTA), this film is about Gillian learning to skate. Her progression provided allegorical inspiration for learning new home printing techniques. Gillian in her film becomes a success in the eyes of the establishment. Maybe she became too good? Made on the JK optical printer at no.w.here and the contact printer at the Filmbee lab in the Star and Shadow, Newcastle. www.starandshadow.org.uk

Hugh Metcalfe, founder and curator of the Klinker club in Hackney, poet, filmmaker, and musician presents a retrospective of rarely screened Super 8 films including: Nodding Jesus, Beard, Weir, and Mustafa Dinger, with live musical accompaniment by Hugh on guitar, violin, words and drum. http://www.iotacism.com/klinkerizer/

Ben Harper - Boring Like a Drill -
Live analogue electronic feedback loops, made from small amplifiers, mixers and modulators. Connected into circuits these gadgets start to oscillate and interact with each other in unpredictable ways, and at the helm, an unpredictable composer.



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