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no.w.here curates many events, platforms for critical discourse and exhibitions

Unconscious Archives #3
Presented by no.w.here and OtherFilm
Held at: Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Road, London, E2 9EG. 8-10:30pm  /  £4 donation
Unconscious Archives is a bimonthly series which seeks to deepen the context between sound and dark, silence and light. Traversing noise core and vision spectacle, each UA brings together expanded cinema and sonic propositions from London and afar.

Nation-Stage: Bangla Drama
Film Screening and Talk
9th November, 7pm, 3rd Floor, no.w.here, FREE
In conjunction with the ninth annual Season of Bangla Drama artist-curator Hamja Ahsan has programmed an event and exhibition around Bangladeshi theatre, archives and performance art.

Open Meeting No.3
2/11/11 at 7pm
no.w.here’s third meeting is framed around the values and questions associated to “membership”. It is our belief that no.w.here should further its commitment to its grassroots, collective work. This is a question around the values of belonging, expectations, needs, desires and risks involved with shaping and constituting the terms and conditions of being an active member of no.w.here.

Open meetings
Minutes 1 and 2
Minutes from March 17th - Next open meeting date coming soon
no.w.here held its first public meeting on March 17th, the minutes from that meeting are available here in preparation for the next session to be held in April. The date for April will be confirmed soon.

Ben Gwilliam with Rob Gawthrop
FREE 26th October 2011, 7pm
Sound and Music in collaboration with no.w.here present: OXIDE (II)+(III). A new film work by artist in residence Ben Gwilliam with two film & video works by Rob Gawthrop plus a collaborative performance. Followed by in conversation.

Lucy Reynolds
Silo Walk
October 20th: Venue: no.w.here. 3rd Floor
£5 /£3 students and no.w.here members. 7pm.
Following on from the event on the 19th October, writer, artist and independent film programmer Lucy Reynolds will present her film ‘Silo Walk’ alongside ‘No 8 Bus’ (1983) by Lis Rhodes and Jo Davis. This will be followed by an open discussion on the thematics of suppressed histories of conflict and questions of property.

Lis Rhodes
In the Kettle
October 19th: Venue: no.w.here: 3rd Floor
£5 /£3 students and no.w.here members.7pm.
Lis Rhodes presents In the Kettle (2010) and work in progress Whitehall (2011) alongside Hang on a Minute/ No.8 Bus (1983) made in collaboration with artist Jo Davis. This screening celebrates no.w.here's new publication of artist writings in Sequence (2) and is a dialogue that will extend to the event on October 20th “Silo Walk”.

State of Unrest
Northern Iraq
October 11th. Venue: no.w.here 3rd Floor £5 /£3 students and no.w.here members. 7pm.
A screening and discussion of new work by Hiwa K, Reben Majeed and Rozghar Mahmood Mustafa, curated by Jason Waite, looking at the various aesthetic strategies employed during the protests in the north of Iraq, how they obscure the distinction between art and activism, as well as form a critical position within the space of dissent.

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