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no.w.here curates many events, platforms for critical discourse and exhibitions

Joanne Richardson
Counter-documentary and making Art Politically
Free. no.w.here 7pm - 9pm May 9th
Following on from the previous nights event, Joanne Richardson presents her new video collaboration with David Rych, "Red Tours" (2010), followed by a discussion about counter-documentary and making art politically.

Kino Beleške / Film notes
by Lutz Becker
Free: The Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, London, E2 7ES Sunday May 8th, 18:00
For many years lost and recently found, Kino Beleške (1975) includes verbal statements and performative gestures of the numerous protagonists of the New artistic practice in former Yugoslavia, referring to the role of art in society and re-thinking the concepts of economy, politicality and institutionalization of contemporary art.

He who Says Zero | He who says One
By Nabil Ahmed
25th May Performance at no.w.here. 5 / 3 members or students. Start 7.30 live. Broadcast starts at 8pm
A learning-play by Bertold Brecht, adapted for
humans and ELIZA (one of the early examples of natural language processing by a computer program) to create a forum on the exigency of alternative education in the ongoing assault on education and the arts.

Embedded : Artist Residency
Deadline April 11
no.w.here Deadline April 11th
Sound and Music and no.w.here are offering an artist residency and bursary towards a new moving image work which explores sound as an integral element.

Suspend all Cultural Programming
26th March
We strongly encourage you to suspend ALL cultural programming on the 26th, and bring your creative ideas to the streets.

Precarity: The People’s Tribunal
20 March 2011
1pm - 6pm

ICA, Theatre. Free entry (call box office to book a place)
Precariat (from precarious, precarity) : flexible, temporary, mobile. People who live on a tightrope, in a precarious balance, those on temporary contracts, freelancers, unpaid volunteers who have a second job, those struggling to make ends meet. Contortionists of flexibility.

Understanding Precarity
Gathering Evidence Towards a Peoples Tribunal.
Free of charge SUNDAY 6 March, 1-5pm
Join a growing group of precarious people for two afternoons of collective storytelling, film screenings, survival strategies and mutual support.

Letter to Egypt
An invitation
Friday 4th Feb, 6pm-8pm
The Centre for Possible Studies
The Egyptian people,s revolution is changing every day. At this moment the exact future is uncertain.no.w.here invites you to share information with each other from the many different sources that we are all connected to.

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