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no.w.here curates many events, platforms for critical discourse and exhibitions

Recessional Aesthetics
Sunday October 17th
Sunday October 17th at James Taylor Gallery
Collent Street (just off Well Street) 2pm - midnight: Free
This invitation is to attend and participate in Recessional Aesthetics; a durational, discursive event produced, staged, and facilitated by the context of the space and the conditions of our present moment.

Measures Series 4: Ian White
6 or more kinds of Theatre
8 sessions: Every Tuesday starting 7th September
7-9pm 100 contact james.holcombe[at]no-w-here.org.uk
It is not by painting that photography touches art, but by theatre.... Measures is a series of seminars run over 8 weeks that use screening, reading, discussion and analysis to look at critical assumptions about the image and its meaning.

Light Reading series 10
Babette Mangolte and Fleur van Muiswinkel
September 8th 7-9pm: no.w.here
Sky on Location (1982) attempts to construct a geography of the land from North to South, East to West and season-to-season through colours instead of maps.

Ici et Ailleurs
Here and Elsewhere. Study Group
Free Cinema School II
28 July: FREE: 7pm to 9pm
The Free Cinema School presents a one off evening "study group" based around the seminal ideas and contemporary themes of the film Here and Elsewhere (Godard & Mieville 1976)

on the set of 1979ff
Filming a discussion with the sociologist Asef Bayat on the Iranian revolution
7pm start 9pm
Tuesday 27th July
4/3 students
LIMITED PLACES: this event will take place as a staged public debate with and for the camera. Participants and audience members acknowledge that by attending they may be filmed. As places are limited this event requires pre-booking and confirmation from no.w.here

The Voyage of Nonsuch
Karen Mirza and Ruth Beale
Whitstable Biennale
The Voyage of Nonsuch is a single channel video installation that analyses how film and film archives influence our view of cultural history, social space and everyday life

Essential Cinema: pedagogical film project
La Hora de Los Hornos: The Hour of the Furnaces (1968)
Thursday 24th June 1-5pm. The Small Cinema Hall, Richard Hoggart Building. Goldsmiths College
An opportunity for individuals to shape a discussion reflecting on contemporary means of image-producing practices

Free Cinema School II
At the centre for possible studies
Centre for Possible Studies OPENS at 64 Seymour Street Sunday 30 May 2-8pm
An invitation into a contemporary practice based experiment in film pedagogy.

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