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A collective, grass roots filmmaking project

James Holcombe: Ley Farm super 8 frames

no.w.here, Dial House in Essex, and the South East of Britain. £275 for no.w.here members only. Details on membership can be found HERE

Takes place from the 1st to the 29th August 2015

Radicants!* is a two week project for 20 participants, which takes place in the first and last week of August 2015. It is an experiment in commoning (a process of coming together and doing things together that differs from the private and the public/State controlled ways of doing things). We will use the no.w.here studio as a base from which we can explore the collective production of moving image works that use biodegradable, low carbon impact and ecological / organic processes in their creation.

Together we will explore organic and unsuitable decay or weathering processes (film burial / unsuitable conditions), re-appropriating equipment such as projectors and old synchronisers to make DIY contact printers, ecological / caffeine based processing, DIY film emulsion, making images without a camera, tinting and toning with both ecological and historical recipes...(in)organic chemistry..

Radicants! both articulates and reflects the shift in film from mass industry standardised medium, to something small scale, towards a bespoke production by artists, for artists. It is important to say that the project embraces and dances with the inherent possibilities of failure, conjuring portal to appear
in the lab into which we can all tentatively edge forwards holding hands to see what may lie inside.

Images may appear and disappear, break apart and re-organise, collapse from the centre of from the outer edges inwards, or remain as pure vessels.

The project is open to all, with or without prior experience of working with photochemical film you will gain new skills through sharing yours with others. We welcome artists with children and
families to participate, with sessions off-site for filming, potential hand processing excursions into the forests, woodlands, rivers and lakes on the outskirts of London, and sessions based at no.w.here.

From Saturday 22nd - Tuesday 25th August we will re-locate to the wonderful Dial House in Essex to camp, spend all night filming, listen to bats, cook and eat together..

At least one day a week will include a session at no.w.here where those that can, come together to share food, talk and create a safe, discursive space for discussion and development of our productions.

Practical knowledge, access to equipment, and co-operation between participants in producing films will combine with new ways of utilising no.w.here’s production resources, including equipment currently underused nor fully understood, and organising differently around them in a way which articulates our desires as artists to self organise on 'dividual' grounds to find other ways of relating to each other and organising - working in a non-hierarchical way.

The cost for the project is £275. This includes: Orwo PF2 print stock, unlimited biodegradable b/w chemistry (caffenol), (in)organic tints and tones from vegetable dyes, access to 16mm cameras and the resources in the lab.

no.w.here is a not-for-profit organisation, supported by a small grant from Arts Council England.

The income generated from Radicants will go directly back into no.w.here to support the resources which we wish to hold against the onslaught of gentrification and neoliberalism encroaching on our bodies, souls, and spaces we inhabit. We wish to remain independent of overt, covert, and introvert
corporate and commercial sponsorship.

Radicants takes place on 1st, 4th - 8th, 18th - 20th, 25th - 29th August 2015, On all of these days both the production and project space at no.w.here will be open to all, from 10 - 6pm. From 10am - 12pm on the 26th August James Holcombe of no.w.here will be screening his film Tyburnia in no.w.here's project space, to which all are invited.

There will be an open screening of works made, or works in progress, in the project space on the evening of the 29th August.

Radicants is open to all, no previous experience of filmmaking is necessary - if you are keen to join us this August 2015, please call or email: james(dot)holcombe(at)no-w-here.org.uk

*The term Radicants was used by Maxa Zoller to describe no.w.here in Sequence Issue 1 (2010). ‘A Radicant is a plant that does not grow it’s roots deep in the soil, but on the ground. It spreads its roots as it is growing'.


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