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no.w.here's film resources are not available anywhere else in the UK. As an artist run project, no.w.here creates a space for innovation in the film medium, allowing artists and filmmakers to experiment with production modes and chemical processes not possible via commercial labs.

We have an SD quality standard 16mm telecine machine for artists who wish to shoot on film and then edit digitally. Innovation in our existing equipment such as the optical printer enables artists to use the resources beyond their original design and purpose. Artists working in the moving image are enabled to explore new potentials to take their work in new directions. In conjunction with the resources we run a regular series of workshops whereby experienced artists impart their knowledge and share their ideas and skills about the film form. This dialogue between ideas, access, resources and the creation of new work in turn leads to new ways of using the equipment.

Film Equipment, Loop Machines and Processing

B&W Film Processing by Machine

Dear Artists,

no.w.here's black/white 16mm processor has been running as a service for artists and filmmakers for 10 years. Over the years the economy of machine processing has got more and more precarious, due to rising prices of film stock and increasing necessary investments in time and money to keep the machine in a good state. The combination of minimal fees, time consuming administration, and heavy responsibility towards the filmmakers makes it difficult to keep it going. As a conclusion, we at no.w.here have decided to stop providing this as a ‘service’.

As an alternative we want to start a ‘processing collective’, similar to the collectives that already exist in several countries; L'abominable (Paris), Laborberlin (Berlin), Filmkoop Wien (Vienna), Filmwerkplaats (Rotterdam) and others.

If you have always wanted to work with 16mm and not done so as yet, or if you are an artist committed to the analogue practice this is a great moment in which to to join this new collective, (either as a supporter or an active member.) All you need to do is sends us an email info@no-w-here.org.uk before Tuesday 10th February 2015 with the subject "Processor collective" and we will respond shortly afterwards with more information and date for the first organizing meeting.

Karel Doing, James Holcombe, Karen Mirza

Telecine Rates

Prices (prices are different for members and non members)

Members rates
• £20 per 100 ft up to 500 ft
• £18 per 100ft for quantities of 500 ft (15 min) to 1000 ft (30 min)
• £15 per 100ft for quantities over 1000ft (30 min)

Non-members rates
• £30 per 100 ft up to 500 ft
• £28 per 100ft for quantities of 500 ft (15 min) to 1000 ft (30 min)
• £25 per 100ft for quantities over 1000ft (30 min)

For graded or assisted telecine services with a technician - an additional £20

Read more about our Telecine equipment & Services

Hand Processing Films

Film Stock

no.w.here sells the following film stock:

Wittner Chrome 200D Super 8 Colour Reversal stock
Super 8 cartridge 15m/50ft
ISO 200/24 ​​° daylight (5500K without filter)
ISO 50/18 ° Tungsten / Movie light (3200-3400K with filter Wratten 80A)

no.w.here stocks Wittner Chrome 200D Super 8 film. This colour reversal film can be developed in E6 reversal processing chemistry. This is a high image-quality colour reversal film with an ASA of 200, best used in lower lighting situations...the film creates sharp images, even for the smallest details and has high colour saturation and colour purity. This film is the standard 50ft length and will shoot 3:20 seconds of footage at 18fps.

£26 members
£35 non members

Additional stock recommended by no.w.here:

Orwo stock is also available in the UK, this black and white negative film has an ASA of 100 / 400. This makes it especially suitable for use under low light illumination and difficult light conditions. Please contact the Orwo UK representative Tom Samuals for prices on 01923 351199.

Print Stock for Shooting
If you have enough light you can shoot onto print stock, which has an ASA of approximately 6. Available to buy from no.w.here.
ST8 or 7302 per 100ft (100ft available on a daylight loading spool, or larger amounts available on a core):

Postage Rates

Within the UK:

Films are sent as special delivery including the following:
- Tracked (and films must be signed for on the receiving end)
- Guaranteed delivery by 1pm next day
- Insured for up to £500

Small packages:

Medium packages:

Large packages (above 800ft):
Price may vary - please enquire

Currently we ask that you please contact us for the rate.

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Telephone: +44 (0)207 7294494
Mail: info[at]no-w-here.org.uk

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