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Documents containing or tagged with the term Documentary:

• Events
Light Reading series 8 / Luke Fowler / William Raban
Lost & Found: / The Films of Arthur Lipsett
Light Reading series 4 / Louis Benassi / William Raban
Light Reading series 4 / Al Rees / Nick Collins
Light Reading series 7 / Loren Sears
Cinema of Prayoga launch / Indian experimental film and video, 1913-2006
Light Reading series 8 / Neil Henderson / Evan Parker
Measures series 2 / The Cinematic Body led by Maxa Zoller
Measures / Politics and the experimental film: a sense of urgency
Public Domain / SAW Video
BFI special event / Brad Butler
SPNM's Sound Source / Stu Brown Sextet: Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals
Light Reading series 9 / Brent Coughenour
Light Reading series 9 / David Rimmer
Light Reading series 9 / Bernd Behr with Brian Dillon
OKAY OKAY / Der moderne Tanz
Arab Shorts.net / Curated film programmes online
Passing the Rainbow / Sandra Schäfer / Elfe Brandenburger
William Raban / Beating The Bridges and Thames Film
James Holcombe & Adam Asnan / Four Thames Walks
Measures Series 4: Ian White / 6 or more kinds of Theatre
Essential Cinema: pedagogical film project / La Hora de Los Hornos: The Hour of the Furnaces (1968)
Ici et Ailleurs / Here and Elsewhere. Study Group
Image | Event / Image | Mouvement: Geneva
Nation-Stage: Bangla Drama / Film Screening and Talk
Kino Beleške / Film notes / by Lutz Becker
Joanne Richardson / Counter-documentary and making Art Politically
Measures 5: Tina di Carlo / Exhibition I Exhibitionism
Unconscious archives #1 / Strained Sonorousness. Wanton Optics
7 Day Drunk / The Documentary
Unconscious Archives #4 / Presented by no.w.here and OtherFilm
Sequence 3 / Launch event at no.w.here
A Lecture from behind the screen / Summer School 2012
Space for Reflection / New Films by Nick Collins
ElectroClass / by María Ruido
Struggle in Jerash / Eileen Simpson and Ben White (Open Music Archive)
on the set of 1978ff / Sandra Schäfer
Extradition / Free Talha Ahsan
LOGICAL REVOLTS / Louis Henderson
Unconscious Archives #8 / Pierre Bastien (France) / Karel Doing (Netherlands) / Louise Curham (Australia) & Alison Blunt (UK)
no.w.here summer school / Forcible Frames
Full Unemployment Cinema / Noreen MacDowell and Isaac Julien
Lioness / Meg McLagan and Daria Sommers
Author(ity) / Karen Mirza & Brad Butler, no.w.here
/ Stop G8 Week of Action
Omar Kholeif | Johanna Domke and Marouan Omara / Crop + shorts
Vanda Playford / Temazcal and The Four Energies in Motion
no.w.here Summer School 2014 / The Right to Play Oneself
Mosireen / Timeframes of Resistance: Egypt - the Camera - Determination
Riots Reframed / Police, prison, power
Adam Kossoff / Where to for the Flâneur? In discussion with Owen Hatherley
Michel Amarger and Frédérique Devaux / Cinémas de Traverse
Symbiopsychotaxiplasm, Dir. William Greaves, 1968 presented by Cally Spooner / Summer School Public Programme Week Two
Sheena and Sonum Sumaria / Even the Crows: A Divided Gujarat
Mount Analogue / A performance of experimental sound + 16mm film from the Sahara desert
Naked Punch and no.w.here present: / Theatre of the Streets, On Jana Natya Manch
Larry Gottheim - From there to here / Two day residency at no.w.here

• Projects
India residency
Free Cinema School / The Centre for Possible Studies
IMAGE | EVENT / Centre D’Art Contemporain, Geneva
A Lecture from behind the screen / Summer School 2012

• Workshops
One minute films
Improvising sound and image in non fiction film / with Robert Fenz & Wadada Leo Smith
Experimental Ethnograpy / 2 day workshop at BFI
Experimental Ethnography / At Tate Modern
Experimental Ethnography / Essential Cinema
Direct Super 8 / A workshop with Ian Helliwell
Experimental Folklore: / Jack-in-the-Green 16mm workshop
Experimental Folklore 2: / Battel Bonfire Super 8 workshop
Moonrakers and Movies
Bolex 16mm camera and ecological hand processing / Time and Rosemary

• Learning
Archive and documentary projects

• Downloads
The Cinema of Prayoga / by Amrit Ganger
Cinema Of Prayōga / by Tanya Singh
Reverberations #1 / Robert Fenz with Wadada Leo Smith

• Residencies
India residencies

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Mirror Room
Santa's Little Helpers

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PEEP SHOW - Has the Computer become the Contemporary Peep Box?

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