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• Events
Reverberations #1 / Robert Fenz
Light Reading / Early and recent work by Peter Gidal
Public Domain / SAW Video
Reverberations #2 / Bradley Eros
Light Reading series 8 / Angela Allen with Nicky Hamlyn
Reverberations #3 / Peter Gidal
Peter Gidal / Reverberations study morning
Reverberations #4 / Nicky Hamlyn (with Conor Kelly)
Measures series 3 / Objet Image led by Fatos Ustek
Light Reading series 10 / Films by Sarah Pucill
FILM without FILM / No Soul for Sale: Tate Modern
Measures Series 4: Ian White / 6 or more kinds of Theatre
Image | Event / Image | Mouvement: Geneva
Nation-Stage: Bangla Drama / Film Screening and Talk
Open meetings / Minutes 1 and 2
Joanne Richardson / Counter-documentary and making Art Politically
Open meeting No. 2 / 29th June
Open Meeting No.3 / 2/11/11 at 7pm
A Lecture from behind the screen / Summer School 2012
no.w.here summer school / Forcible Frames
Author(ity) / Karen Mirza & Brad Butler, no.w.here
The Monument Group / The Working group Four Faces of Omarska
The Animated Aspect of Brechtian Cinema / Esther Leslie
no.w.here Summer School 2014 / The Right to Play Oneself
Temporary post available / Curator no.w.here Summer School 2014
Symbiopsychotaxiplasm, Dir. William Greaves, 1968 presented by Cally Spooner / Summer School Public Programme Week Two
The Tin Screen / no.w.here's 10th birthday at the ICA
ANOTHER ART WORLD IS POSSIBLE / A collaborative symposium on heterotopias and finding “other spaces”
The Tin Screen / no.w.here 10th birthday screening + Q&A
no.w.here presents: / Deirdre Logue & Allyson Mitchell
Coalition of Chaos

• Index
Telluro-geo-psycho-modulators / Connecting the Earth with the human psyche via wires

• Projects
FILM without FILM / No Soul for Sale: Tate Modern
IMAGE | EVENT / Centre D’Art Contemporain, Geneva
A Lecture from behind the screen / Summer School 2012
Temporary post available / Curator no.w.here Summer School 2014

• Workshops
Improvising sound and image in non fiction film / with Robert Fenz & Wadada Leo Smith
Cinema povera & collage composition / with Bradley Eros
Peter Gidal / Reverberations study morning
Walter Benjamin: The Surgeons Camera and the Web of the Real / Led by Adam Kossoff
Full Body Film / Theory and practice in Physical Filmmaking

• Downloads
The Cinema of Prayoga / by Amrit Ganger
Cinema Of Prayōga / by Tanya Singh
Elastic Film, Mercurial Cinema / Bradley Eros
Reverberations #1 / Robert Fenz with Wadada Leo Smith

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